The Committee has set certain rules which must be observed by residents of the community and their guests. They are set out below.

In addition, as outlined in the ‘About Us’ section, all owners of property adjoining the Gardens when purchasing their property committed to abide by the terms of the Rent Charge Deed. To remind yourself of the obligations you have agreed to, you can see a copy of the Deed by clicking on the link below.

Rentcharge Deed 

There are also rules to be observed when you are giving builders access to the garden to work on the rear of your property. they are set out in a document you can access by clicking the link below.

Tradesmen Access Rules 

There are also certain rules for residents of flats adjoining the private roadway on the Clifton Gardens end of the Garden relating to parking permits for the roadway. You can see these rules by clicking on the links below.

Roadway Rules 

Parking Permit Rules 


Use of the Crescent Garden is restricted to residents living in houses backing onto the gardens and their accompanied friends. It is for use as an Ornamental Pleasure Garden. All residents must respect the right of other users to peacefully enjoy the Garden.

Noisy or disorderly conduct likely to disturb other residents is prohibited. The volume of all forms of music, both within and around the garden, must be kept down.

None of the Garden’s property, including walls, gates, rails, seats, hosepipes, trees, plants, flowers & grass must be marked, cut or damaged.

All residents must ensure that the Garden remains a secure and safe environment.


The following are forbidden to all children over the age of 10: football, golf, cricket, hockey, baseball, frisbees, skate boards and roller skates. Stone-throwing is forbidden.

Parties & Barbecues

Private parties of more than 16 are only permitted in the Garden with the prior permission of Crescent Amenity. No private fires, barbeques or bouncy castles.


Animal owners are required to control their pets. Dogs are only permitted in the Garden if they are kept on a lead and must not foul the Garden.


All contractors must request permission to enter the Garden from the Managing Agents and will be required to pay a deposit. The only vehicles allowed into the Garden are those belonging to contractors employed by Crescent Amenity.

Gates & Keys

For security reasons, all Garden gates must be kept closed and keys must not be transferred or loaned to others.


Trespassers will be asked to leave the Garden.


For safety reasons, bicycles and other personal toys must be removed from the Garden no later than dusk each day, failing which, they will be removed and released only on payment of a fine of £50.


Except for the annual November display organised by Crescent Amenity, fireworks are not permitted.

The breach of any of these rules may result in a penalty, the nature and extent of which will be determined by Crescent Amenity.

It was Resolved at the meeting of the Board of Directors of Crescent Amenity Limited at 9-13 Swiss Terrace, London, NW6 on 19th day of April 2007 to make these Regulations pursuant to paragraph 13 of the Fifth Schedule to the Rentcharge Deed and Transfer dated the 14th day of August 1981 and made between (1)The Church Commissioners for England and (2) Crescent Amenity Limited by way of additions and amendments to the Rules and Regulations appearing in the Seventh Schedule to the said Rentcharge Deed and Transfer and to the effect that these Regulations take effect in addition to those appearing in the Seventh Schedule. A copy of these Regulations has been entered in books maintained for the purpose by Crescent Amenity Limited.