Movie Night!

The next event to take place in the gardens is Movie Night, when we put up a giant cinema screen in the garden and play a classic movie. You buy tickets online (see the Events page for details) and come along with your friends. We give you a transmitter into which you plug your headphones and away we go, open-air cinema in the garden. This year we are screening Hitchcock's classic Vertigo, and it will take place on Saturday 1st September, starting at sunset, which should be around 8.30 pm.


Crescent Amenity AGM

Each year we hold an Annual General Meeting of the Crescent Amenity, the body of residents that manages the garden and all the events that take place in it. The formal business is to re-elect the directors, but it's also an opportunity for residents to come along, meet the managing agents and the Committee of residents that run the gardens, and have your say on matters that interest you in relation to the garden. This year's AGM takes place on Wednesday 12th September, venue is St Saviour's Church, 30 Warwick Avenue.


Little Venice Music Festival

You may not be aware, but Little Venice has its own classical music festival.  This year it takes place in St Saviour's Church between October 4 and 7, and features both newly composed works and classics by composers like Mozart, Britten and Messiaen. For the full programme and to buy tickets, visit the website by clicking on this link.