How can I get access to the Garden ?

For those residents that do not have direct access onto the gardens, there are three gates through which access can be obtained. They are all accessible provided that you have a garden gate key, which can be obtained from the Managing Agents in return for a £60 deposit (you have to collect from their offices– see Contacts page for contact details, initial arrangements can be made by e-mailing Each household is entitled to one key. You need to be able to prove that you are a resident of a property adjoining the Gardens, so please take along a recent utility bill and proof of ID when you go to collect the key. When you cease to be a resident, you are obliged to return your key to the Managing Agent, at which point you will be refunded £50.

Where are the Garden gates?

There are three gates:

Warrington Crescent Gate: situated at the south end of Warrington Crescent, at the end of the driveway running off the street. The small metal gate to the right hand side is for pedestrian access. This is the best gate to use if you have prams or small children as it has no stairs. The large wooden gates are only opened for access by the gardeners and building contractors working on houses adjoining the gardens. The key to this can be obtained from the managing agents on payment of a £1,000 deposit (see Garden Rules).

Randolph Crescent Gate: Situated just up from the corner of Clifton Gardens and Randolph Crescent. The stairs are steep and quite narrow but have a hand rail, and there are gates at either end to open.

Randolph Avenue Gate: Situated just up from the corner with Randolph Crescent. Again the steps are quite steep, but they are wider than those at the Randolph Crescent Gate and also have a hand rail.

How can my builders get access to the garden side of my house ?

You will need to obtain a key to the gate in the middle of the large wooden gates on Warrington Crescent from the managing agents (see Contacts for details). You will have to pay a deposit of £1,000 for the key, of which up to £750 is refundable (more may be retained to cover any damage caused). Please note that vehicles will not be allowed into the gardens under any circumstances – all scaffolding and tools must be hand-carried from the gate. In the interests of everyone’s security, please make sure that your contractor keeps the gates shut when they are not bringing in or taking out materials.

For more detail on the rules regarding providing access to tradesmen, click on the link here

What do I do if I’ve lost my Garden gate key ?

In the interests of security (preventing keys falling into the wrong hands) only one key per household is allowed. If you lose your key the replacement charge is £ 50. This may seem harsh, but because they cannot be copied the keys are expensive. We have to put the security of all residents first. Contact the Managing Agents, their address can be found on the Contacts page.

Who pays for the upkeep of the Gardens?

We all do. Under the Rent Charge arrangements, each property on the Gardens makes a pre-agreed annual contribution, which is paid to the managing agents to manage on behalf of Crescent Amenity Limited. This pays for the cost of the gardeners and the maintenance work that is done, and for the Summer Party, Fireworks Night and Christmas Carols.

I’ve seen some gardeners at work in the Garden – who are they?

The Amenity engages a firm of gardeners called Garden Associates to look after the garden. The head gardener is Robert Player. They have wo many awards for their work, including a Gold medal from the London Garden Society in 2007 for the best large private garden for our own Crescent Garden!

Can I keep a dog in the Gardens ?

Yes, but any time your dog leaves your premises to walk in the gardens themselves, they must be held on a leash. Obviously with lots of cats, small children and other dogs around, it is not practical to let dogs roam freely in the garden. You should also always make sure that you clean up after your dog.

Can I have a party in the Garden?

Yes, during the daytime. However, in consideration of the interests of the other residents, we try to keep a limit on the size of people’s parties. If you want to have more than 16 people at your party, please contact the Managing Agent to ask for approval – for their address see the Contacts page. No barbecues are allowed within the Garden, though obviously you can have one in your back garden.

Can I put speakers in my garden?

No. One of the garden rules, in the interests of neighbourly harmony, is that no residents can put outdoor speakers in their garden. We don’t all share the same tastes in music!

Can children play sports in the Garden ?

Children under the age of 10 can play football, cricket and other sports in the gardens, provided that they are considerate of the interests of other residents, for example by not being excessively noisy, and keeping the ball out of the flowerbeds and private gardens.

Can children ride bikes in the Gardens ?

Yes, again so long as they respect the interests of others. They should also make sure that bikes and other sporting equipment is not left in the garden overnight, where other residents could trip over them

I’ve heard there is a herb garden – can I take herbs from it?

Yes, help yourself. The herb garden is in the North end of the Gardens, on the Warrington Crescent side, and is for the use of all the residents. It is well stocked with rosemary, bay leaves, thyme and other seasonal herbs.

What should I do if I lose something valuable in the garden – or find something ?

If you find something in the garden that you suspect will be of value to the person who lost it, could you hold onto it and send an e-mail to our managing agents Westbourne Block Management telling them that you have it. Their contact details can be found on the Contact Us page on our website. Also, when the gardeners find something someone has lost in the garden, they will also hand it in to Westbourne Block Management. Consequently, if you lose something of value, the people to contact are, you guessed it, Westbourne Block Management, and chances are they will either have it or know who is holding it. So hopefully nothing valuable will stay lost in the garden.

Why is there no rubbish bin in the playground?

This has been tried before and didn’t work. It quickly filled up with food refuse and dirty nappies, and believe it or not people started dumping their household waste next to it. Consequently it became smelly and unpleasant and a magnet for insects and rodents, and the gardeners were not happy about having to empty it. It is better that you take your own rubbish away, and impress upon your kids the need to do so as well. And if you see some rubbish in the playgrounds, or indeed anywhere in the Gardens, in the interests of all of us could we ask that you take it back home and put it in your own bin. Much better than having children inspecting old coke cans and food wrappers…

When is rubbish collected ?

Warrington Crescent – Monday and Thursday mornings

Clifton Gardens, Randolph Crescent and Randolph Avenue – Tuesday Mornings

When is recycling collected?

Saturday and Monday mornings inWarrington Crescent, Saturday and Tuesday Mornings in Clifton Gardens, Randolph Crescent and Randolph Avenue . You can also take your recycling materials down to the bins next to Warwick Avenue tube station, where there is also a charity bin for old clothes and large refuse hoppersThere are also refuse hoppers in Clifton Road and Randolph Crescent.

Can my friends park in the street outside my house ?

The streets adjoining and near to the Garden are almost all restricted to residents parking, Westminster Zone C. Almost all the restrictions only apply weekdays from 8.30 am to 6.30 pm, but tell your friends to check the signs ! There are a few meter parking spaces in Warrington Crescent near the tube and in Formosa Street. The greatest concentration of Pay and Display spaces are in Warwick Avenue, just south of the tube, either side of the traffic island in the centre of the road.

Who can park in the roadway along Clifton Gardens?

Only owners of properties in numbers 2-22 Clifton Gardens may apply for permits to park in the roadway. An ‘owner’ is someone who owns or has a long leasehold of a property in that block – not a short-term tenant. The owner must provide the Managing Agents with proof of ownership of the property and proof of ownership of the car to secure a permit. Owners can obtain temporary permits for tradesmen working on their properties, but not for guests. Anyone parking in the roadway without a permit will receive a parking ticket from our private contractors Met Parking . For more detail on the Roadway Rules click on the link here. To find out whether you are eligible for a permit to park in the Roadway, click on the link here.

How do I get a Permit for my builder to park in the street?

Contact Westminster Council on 020-76414646, or download a form from their website (see the Useful Links section of this site). They cost around £10 a day.

When and where is the Amenity Company’s Annual General Meeting?

The Annual General Meeting takes place each year in June at a venue nearby – for the last few years it has taken place in the Hall at St Joseph’s School in Randolph Avenue. Notice is given in advance so that residents may nominate Directors, submit questions to the Directors and raise issues they are concerned about.


See the page ‘Maintaining and Altering Your Property

Who do I have to contact if I want to make changes to my property?

In the first instance, contact the Managing Agents, at the address set out on the Contacts page. They will then start the process of securing approval for the changes you want to make.

How can I contact the Committee?

Of course you can speak informally at any time to Committee members about issues that concern you. But for formal questions, requests for approval, etc, you should contact the Managing Agents. Their phone number and e-mail address is in the Contacts page of this website.