Terms & Conditions

This website is intended for the use of residents of buildings adjoining the Crescent Gardens only. If we find that someone has registered who is not a resident, we reserve the right to terminate that registration and block its reinstatement.

If anyone is found uploading offensive or inappropriate content to the website, we reserve the right to take it down without discussion. We may also terminate the registration of that person and block its reinstatement.

The Community Noticeboard is intended to operate as a listing of information for the use of the tenants, and is not intended as a forum for debate. If we find people are using the text uploading tool to engage in discussions, we will delete the entries. Also, Crescent Amenity Limited is not responsible for any acts or omissions people recommended on the Community Noticeboard – the principle is caveat emptor!

On the other hand, if you upload a great photo to one of the galleries, we may re-use it as a key image elsewhere on the site.

We intend to increasingly use e-mail to replace putting paper copies of newsletters and other circulars through people’s doors. Consequently, by registering with the site you are giving your permission for us to use your e-mail address for this purpose. However, please be assured that we wil not pass your e-mail address or other details to third parties to use for commercial purposes.