Movie Night!

Vertigo Poster.jpg

saturday 1st september 2018

For those of you who are new to the gardens, one Saturday evening each summer we put up a big screen in the garden and play a classic movie. We supply transmitters, you bring headphones to plug into them, and you hear the soundtrack without the sound disturbing other residents. In past years we've had wonderful evenings watching Some Like It Hot, Dial M For Murder, Guess Who's Coming To Dinner, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and Life of Brian. This year we go back to Hitchcock and his classic Vertigo.Voted the greatest film of all time by the British Film Institute, the film stars Jimmy Stewart as a former police detective wrestling with his personal demons while he becomes obsessed with a beautiful woman, played by Kim Novak.  

The movie will take place on Saturday 1st September, and begins when darkness falls, which should be around 8.15pm. To cover costs we charge £10 per ticket, and you can buy them on this web page:

Feel free to bring your friends, we need about 90 people to break even. if it's a nice evening you can picnic in the garden beforehand, and if the weather turns against us we can cancel on the Saturday morning and refund people's tickets.If the past is any guide, get in early for tickets as they sell pretty quickly!


fireworks night

Each year we put on a massive bonfire and spectacular fireworks display on Bonfire Night. This year's event should be on Saturday 3rd November.

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christmas carols

Each year the Salvation Army Band comes to our garden and leads us in song as we sing Christmas Carols. Dates and other details closer to the time.