Summer Party!

The date for the Summer Party has been set - Saturday 29th June. More details shortly.


Herb Garden

Did you know there was a herb garden within our Garden, and that you were allowed to take herbs from it to jazz up your dishes. It’s on the Warrington Crescent side towards the North end of the garden. You’ll see behind the seat there some bay trees and rosemary bushes, but there is also mint, lemon verbena and other herbs.feel free to take cuttings,just have a sniff before you do to make sure you have the right herb.


Open Garden Squares Weekend

Open Garden Squares Weekend is an annual ritual that allows the public to come and view the private communal gardens of London. Ours are open to the public on Sunday June 9th. One buys tickets that allow you to view any of the other gardens that are participating. So if you fancied a look at our neighbouring Triangle and Formosa Gardens, or wanted to see how our gardens compare to others around London, then you will be able to buy tickets at our Warrington Crescent gate on June 9th, or earlier at the official website on this link.