Garden Party Slide

The Garden Committee runs three annual events in the Garden – the Summer Party in late June, Fireworks Night (this year November 7th) and Christmas Carols (this year December 7th).

The Summer Party is to take place on Saturday 27th June. The main events of the day are:

For the pony rides we have 3 ponies coming between 3 and 5 pm. Because in past years we have had problems with people queueing for long periods, some ending up disappointed at the end, we moved to a timed ticket system last year, which proved successful so we are continuing with it. Tickets for the pony rides will be handed out at 10am on Saturday morning under the willow tree at the Clifton Gardens end of the garden. Because there will only be 70 tickets and we want as many kids as possible who live on the gardens to have a turn, they will be handed out to children only, one per child. They will be timed tickets so when the time on your child’s ticket arrives they will need to be down at the ponies with shoes on ready to ride. There will be no need to queue.

There won’t be a cake stall this year as Jan Stern will be away.

A couple of things to particularly point out from the schedule for those for whom this is their first Summer Party:

It’s always a great day. Feel free to invite your friends and pray for sunshine. You can check the BBC Weather forecast by clicking here.